Thoughts And Memories

Nun ein weiterer kurzer Kommentar zu meiner Short Story. Als Vorbereitung auf den Besuch des irischen Autors Donald McLaughlin in unserem Engkisch-LK sollten wir aus einem besonderen Moment unsres Lebens eine Kurzgeschichte machen. Nach langem Überlegen befand ich die Erlebnisse der Auschwitz-Exkursion – v.a. meine Sprachlosigkeit - als die bewegendste Erinnerung meines bisherigen Lebens. Ich bitte die mangelnde Grammatik und eventuelle Fehler zu entschuldigen und sich lieber auf die Wirkung des Textes zu konzentrieren. Danke schon mal dafür.    



Thoughts And Memories


She is sitting at a bed which is hers for this few days, bent over a piece of paper. The pencil flying over the page spreading letters over it; fast, faster, but not fast enough. Her thoughts too fast, too erratic, jumping from one to another, ways ahead; she tried, tried really hard, to catch up committing everything to paper. She was trying not to lose the tiniest thought, trying to put every single emotion in those words spread over the page. Give the right angle of her point of view! Try to make it understandable! It is really hard to keep up with - but it helps; It is helping to digest everything: the facts, the pictures, the stories she had heard the days before. Now trying to realize what has happened in the past, trying to make it tangible, to wrap her mind around it. The pencil is flying over the page spreading letters. She is writing a story, a story about a girl who survived, survived the terrible time in the 1940s - which was freed in 1945 and comes back to the location where the whole story took place years later as a young woman. She visits the museum and looks at the pictures as she realizes on one photograph a part of her family standing together looking at her. Then she realizes that she is the only survival of her family, she is the only one who was lucky to live long enough. Suddenly she knew everything. At that part of the story filling more than a page already she knew it; she was able to imagine the things she heard, she could take a short look on truth. Finally she was satisfied, she had reached her goal, she wrote the story about that young woman and while writing and putting herself in the girl’s shoes she managed to realize a bit of this black time in German history.

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